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Javier Rodriguez

I digitize companies

My offer; this is how I can support you.
Case studies; exemplary projects from my work.
My resources; procedures, guides, books.
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My fields of application

Business Engineering brings together business and technical knowledge and combines it with all aspects of transformation.

When transforming a company into the digital age, challenges arise at all levels; from the digital strategy to the design and specification to the selection of the appropriate systems.

The Practice


Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.
Ernest Hemingway

From conception to system selection and project management during implementation. Two exemplary case studies.


My way of working

In 1918, every second car in the USA was a Ford Model T. Ford had neither invented the car nor was Ford early to the market. Ford had the best business model; industrialization made cars for the middle class possible.
from Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital

A structured approach separates the amateur from the professional.

My approach emerged from this small selection of books.

I deal with some topics separately.


What has Happened so Far

A Digitalizer, formed in Bern and Zurich

The more complex, hopeless and confusing the situation, the more exciting the story and the more fulfilling the outcome.  

That's not a quote, that's by me, it's my attitude.