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Unleash the Power of Storytelling

Bon Biesenbach

Find the stories of your customers and employees

Neanderthal man may be extinct, but his genes live on in each of us. Nevertheless, the highest proportion of Neanderthal genes ever found in a living human is only 4 %. So his genes have not prevailed, even though the Neanderthal was stronger and more cold-resistant. The most confirmed explanation for this development is the gossip theory. Only sapiens can talk about something that does not exist and believe six impossible things before breakfast. We can not only imagine these things, but - and this is the point - imagine them together.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" is a quote attributed to management guru Peter Drucker. Culture not only eats strategy for breakfast, but also agility for lunch and innovation for dinner. Any strategy that does not take into account the culture of the organisation is likely to fail. People don't mind something new, but they don't want to change. What do they want? They want a story, they want to be part of a story, part of something bigger, part of something special. That gives them meaning, that creates sense of belonging.

In the first chapters, the author explains how and why storytelling is a powerful, if not the most powerful, tool for leading people. Later, he dispels the prejudice that there is not only one hero and thus not only one story, but several protagonists are involved in several stories. Depending on whether it is about launching a product, maximising the customer experience or cultivating the corporate culture, the corresponding story does not only portray the company, but above all its customers and employees.