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The Social Intranet

Martin Seibert

Manage information in one place

None of my projects could do without a communication platform. Simple projects could be organised with a file structure on a file server. But you have to make sure that everyone knows which content belongs in which document and which document belongs in which folder. As soon as several groups with several roles and permissions or predefined document templates become necessary, you need a wiki.  

The book uses concrete examples to describe frequently occurring problems in internal corporate communication that are detrimental to productivity and efficiency. It shows possible solutions with the help of enterprise intranets. What potentials and dangers does it hold? How does one structure information? What are the stumbling blocks on the way to a successful establishment and how can challenges be overcome and misunderstandings cleared up? What can and should an intranet do and what are the concrete use cases? The book answers these questions and provides practical tips, tricks and best practices for productive and efficient work with a company wiki.

The book is general and does not describe specific software solutions. It is a good basis for working with an intranet.